Tips of prospecting (Taken from “91 Mistakes Smart Salesperson Make”)

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*Only took some interesting point to adapt with network marketing 🙂

1. Don’t have a fear of rejection. This will impact your willingness to ask questions.

2. Prospecting is not about how many people you see, but how the quality of the prospect.

3. Be willing to try new and creative approaches to prospecting. Sometimes we often calling on on clients of customers that we like or they like us the most. We sells on the products or services that are easiest to sell. We slow down our sales activities at certain times of the month or a year.All this are mistakes that we have to avoid.

4. Have a specific strategy for dealing with lost business.E.g do a follow- up with a thank-you note or letter, follow-up with after-sales critique or evaluations. Find out your competitors.

5. When do a follow-up on calls, don;t make close- ended question like, “hv u made ur decision yet?, instead ask .”Where are you in the decision process?”. Don’t ask “When can we get together to discuss our next step?” Say “Let’s get together next Monday”

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