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The Questions: Find Your Purpose by Bernado Moya

Have you all read the book wrote by Bernado Mayo titled The Questions?

I really really recommend this book for those who are searching ways on finding the true purpose of life.

Ps:/ I came across James Clear on while searching the best way on how I can cope or adapt or apply ideas/ theories in every book I read. Yes, you should follow him too!

It covers all the questions in life (personal-growth, career, relationship, spiritual,family, education, financial);that need to be answered in honestly and only you yourself can answered it and the quality of your life is highly dependent on the quality of your questions

We often heard of failure is not an options but as I’m reading this book, it is actually depends on your definition of success. As the author quote being successful is a process of being and becoming. And the way you define your own success is becoming your own passion. Thus, the word failure here seems not relevant ;in this context since its actually a process of becoming and learning..

Yes, as we might have a very high ambition and thinking of changing the world, this quote really wakes me up on how we seeing things, helping one person might not change the world, but it could change the world for one person -Anonymous source

In Chapter 3, I learn to answered a question on where I should decide to set my focus and be ready to push on within thin and thick line. The author outlined  (Resilience, Reinvent, Revolution) to build a new you.

Ability to bounce back into shape after being stretched, re-frame failure as a learning experience, skills that able to shrinking the problems, keeping focus on the goal,try new things and move on, be flexible, and if anything don’t work as we expected, remember – everything happens for reason


7 keys to become resilience

  •  Practice getting your reaction under control
  • Be flexible• Look for those your trust
  • Re-frame
  • Spiritual sense (For me, I considered this as tahajud)
  • Do something

As I will always remember,stress is a tool to strengthen your response, coping with it and learning from it


7 keys to revolve yourself

  • Admit your fear
  • Understand your fear
  • Again, re-frame Look for ways to make a change e.g. find other friends that you can trust
  • Understand what is your current situation• Identified whats might be going worst and what is the best that could happen
  • Reinvent yourself


7 keys to reinvent yourself

  •  Know yourself, what your are capable off,what your weakness
  • Always be aware of task in hand
  • Create new habit
  • Work with others
  • Measure your progress
  • Do assessment on your progress
  • Celebrate your progress

Chapter 4 explains on how you can become a new you, by changing your regular regime, eat well, do some exercise, let go your ego, change the way you think, your breathing techniques, keep your mid clear and just remember honesty is the root to the truth, always be grateful, and keep control of your timelines and again all this can be done if you answered all the questions honestly.

Chapter 5 is more on your spiritual journey, (in my case, I will interpret this as my relationship to Allah, how close I wanna be with Him, activities that can brought me towards Him). This chapter also conclude on how you can set your own achievement and I will always stick this quote in my head “no one is flawless or perfect (since I’m always looking for perfection). This chapter also encourage us to always listen to your life, try to think the amazing thing that had happen to yourself, do more and try to practice more and try and explore new things

To conclude, always be responsible,as I quote my favorite word from the author

Stop lying to yourself
Stop looking for excuses
Stop blaming others
Stop not helping
Stop not making a difference


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