Life Hacks Links/References

Again, this post is to dump all web references or links that I saved in “Saved” facebook.

  1. How to fold everything
  2. Keep everything clean
  3. How Do You Fold Your Laundry? @thefoldinglady
  4. Fold up! And watch these clever folding hacks!
  5. DIY LIfe Hack | Making Phone Case Glue
  6. Ideas How To Store Foods By Freezing
  7. Cara Simpan Mi Kuning, Kuetiau & Laksa Basah Agar Tahan Lama & Tak Patah. – RASA
  8. Clean everything with anything!
  9. Useful hacks for your home. ☀
  10. 4 Useful Hacks for Home
  11. 5 ‘Trick’ Mudah Hilangkan Kesan ‘Peta Dunia’ Dan Bau Hancing Pada Tilam Dan Bantal Anda

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