Amir turns 4 years old!

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Amir dah 4 thn dah, xsangka dah besar,rasa mcm baru smlm pangku dia as a baby. This is my first post using Blogsy via ipad. Yes, i’m blogging while breastfeeding amirah! Best kn? Rasa seronok sgt bila kita dpt post blog at anytime anywhere and at any occasion and condition. So saper2x lom ader ipad, sila2x, especially for active blogger out there.

Hmm, setakat ni apa yg blh di concludekan amir nyer avhievement so far?,hmm, selain dh byk ckp,amir tends to ask byk questions, the latest, kenapa bon*t*t teacher toooot and teacher tooott besar? Aiseh, bikin malu jer

Actually aku xderla expect too much from him since he’s only 4 years old. Kalu ader hwork,kalu dia nkn wat dia wat, kalu dia xnk wat,let go jela,

Okeh,sempena burfday amir nih, ummi promise to br the best ummi ever, wpun lately ummi agk2x biziS, but ummi will try my very best to spent quality time for you. Cuma ummi nk amir fhm situasi ummi keh,listen to ur daddy kay, nnt blik hk i will buy something really special for u n daddy,

To daddy amir, thanks for ur big support, muah muah muah!


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