Projek Tekad Selangor

i just returned home from Projek Tekad Selangor at Kem Tekali,uLu langat selangor.I was so exhilarated. being a coach to nearly 200 students from various family background really give me a kick off!

Day 1
-reached kem tekali at 2050hrs.the registration of coaches started at 2100hrs.i think i’m the first person among coaches to arrived early.thanks to duwe for his kindness of sending me there and accompanied me for half and hour.2130hrs then i saw several of the coaches arrived and it’s a sign that i’ve to give duwe a goodbye.
-nearly 22oohrs,a short briefing conducted by Jai about the facilities, rules and regulation bla bla bla
-to set up camp,my tent mates are elya and asmah, both of them are from utp petronas.actually almost half of the coaches knew each other and came from same U.but that doenst bother me after all,i came here to gain new experience and meet a new friends right?. so we set up the tents for the students.after a final briefing,i went to zZZZZZzzzzzz

Day 2
the arrivals of 200 champion from 10 schools in Selangor
i’m in charge of the champion’s i have to allocate those student to their camp was a very busy day since the tent is not enough for almost quater of the girls so Loly and i have to set up a few more tent for them and that exclude the tent that have been broken, so it was hot and sweat day for me!

Event 1
Pembentukan kumpulan dinamik
Khairul and I are the coaches for squad 6 of plankton this module, champions have to decide their squad name,logo and the cheer song.they were given 10 minutes to do all the things and what can i say that this is very difficult task for us to make them get mixed with each other.there’s 5 boys and4 girls in the squad and all of them were so passive and our job is to break the ice between them.let me introduce them to you and what my first impression about them:

¨ipin — look like benjy at first sight,a bit of shy but have a vision and clear of what he’s doing,trap by her mother’s opion ¨denn – lack of confident, have to give more input to him

¨faisal – sooooo shy, very secretive,lack of leadership but yet know where’s he going into,by looking at his face i knew he has a problem.

¨qama – creative girl,wants to be an interior designer

¨the rest 3 girls i really don;t remember their names at all! fool me!

¨but yet their manage to perform their squad names and their cheer but not so impressive compared to other teams.”cheer4champions” is the name of the squad.

Module 2- kerjaya

¨nearly 5pm we have 3nd module called “kerjaya”,here we, coaches have to give some guidelines and motivation to encourage them to fulfill their dream job.tapi bagi aku lah..aku nih ckp je..tapi aku lebih suka keja sendiri or jadik bosH..earn income sendiri, enjoy, kira kita full control of what we want to be, and bukannya orang lain yg suruh kita jadi ape..


¨this part best..ehhehe pasal aku pung penah terkena jugaks..champion duk macam dewan periksa,and derang are be given ‘exam’ paper tuk jawab.hahahahhaa..punyerla serious derang jawab, ada satu soalan tu suh derang jerit hoi kalau dah sampai soalan tu..last2 derang kena tipu..tulah saper suh tak baca arahan betul2..arahan kata suh baca SEMUA soalan dulu..derang baca soalan then jawab, sampai soalan 14 out of 25, supposed derang kena jawab certain soalan je…

¨modelu4=”DARI HATI KE HATI”

¨time nih kunun luahan perasaan la….kekekekeke..aku? kelaka..tapi susah jugak nak korek satu2 masalah derang..tanyer tu kata ok lah apelah,aku pung tak reti gaks nak cerita ceriti,nasib ader sorang dua champions PRS,eh aku dulu pung PRS gaks..ehehehehhee…ada sorang champs nih susah sangat nak berckp,then bila wat open discussion tanyer menda estrem penah dia wat,dia kata bwk moto laju2,accidentkan dirinya sendiri…walaweh..aku bwk moto gaks, laju,laju jugaks tapi tak terpK nak accidentkan diri sendiri..ngerI ooo..kalau teraccident..takpe..rupanya nak attention tapi bukan dari family, dari aweKS…duh betulla..ader sorang tu..citer masalah yg bagi aku dier sendiri punca masalah tu..tapi biasalah..takkan nak hentam depan kots..citer pasal bf-bf dier aku nih ckp la solution yg aku sendiri geli nak dengar.. ¨300105-tekad race ¨module2 nih besH..tapi malas nak taip pjg2..tapi mmg jadi kanak2 tadika la.. ¨conclusion ¨Cat last aku buat apa yg aku teringin sangat nak buat sejak tahun lepas..u got wat i mean..:) ¨

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