Half Year of 2020

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Never would us ever imagined that for the half year of 2020, the world is struck by #covid19. How’s powerful is the country is, how’s rich is the country is, it just collapsed within a few month. Almighty Allah.

I’m so lucky to be born in Malaysia. Categorized as third world country. Yeah, small world with 30+ million people. Ignore the fact that Malaysia faced political issues when the pandemic began, (Thanks a lot Tun!) I should say thank you to our front-liners, especially Dr Noorhisham and the KKM for their hard work. And I’m really bless to have Datuk Muhyiddin Yassin as my PM although at first I was skeptical. Yes, he’s turn to be our PM in not a (rightful manner?) but he has done a very good job in tackling both covid19 and his political issue as well. And have you watch so seriously in front of the TV when there is announcement made by PM? Yes, for the first time ever, me watching PM giving his speech, I felt so relaxed, secured and I also never expect PM will recite the doa for Malaysia, for us…

Ya Allah, please make covid disappears, and Please bless our country Malaysia, free from racist, free from drunken driver

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