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Strategi misi 5 bulan jln kearah CDM

Perjumpaan mlm ni mmg sgt special sebab cdm hjh siti rohana buat sesi khas for double diamond manager untuk capai pangkat tertinggi dalam sykt iaitu crown diamond manager. Best kan, nak naik pangkat pun orang tunjukkan caranya, free pulak tu, tak tension langsung dan takder exam, hihihihihi, biasanya kalau dulu la aku nak naik gaji

:: Tips to be Universally Liked

When you talked to someone, please include at least one compliments or appreciative remark. Make habit to convey appreciation. Don’t be embarrassed to say nice things. And an effective appreciation is sincerity. Be specific of what you are saying. Try to makes the other person feel important. Appreciate their work not themselves. Tells people they

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