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Where 2 eat @ Petaling Jaya

I’d training at Armcorp Mall. On my last day of training, I’d decided to have my lunch at Sri Melaka located in Armcorp Mall building, level 3 if I’m not mistaken..I tried a basic menu which is assam laksa (must be their specialities) plus syark fin soup.. The assam laksa is great but not the


Besides Sate Hj Samuri at Kajang, there are lots of places you can eat at Kajang. One of them is “Station Kopitiam” located at MetroPoint near the Hospital Kajang, which being Kajang’s new landmark… I’d the opportunity to eat there since I’m a food lover and I like to try new places to eat. Not

resepi udang masak asam cara kapak98

and an update for me is that i ‘accidently’ jump into new recipe of udang masak is my version of udang masak asam..lucky for me..duwe tak complaint..thee hee heee udang masak asam 10 ekor udang harimau5 ulas bawang merah (dihiris)2 ulas bawang putih ( dihiris)1 ulass bawang sederhana besar (dihiris)3 cili api (Dihiris serong)air