April24 Bangi Sentral Review

After we’ve done with our swimming session at Pusat Maritim Putrajaya, we decided to take our lunch at April24 which is located near Uswah Clothing (actually the café is at lower ground of the next building) as I would like to try their monster burger.

But I guess is not my lucky day, burger sudah habis, so I ordered “Sloppy Jane”. I asked the waiter what is Sloppy Jane since there’s no picture available inside the menu that I could refer to. The waiter said “ada roti-roti”, and that’s it. Hahahahhaha. So I try to imagined what’s it might look like.. Hmm. Maybe its like a hot dog with extra cheese since there’s a “sloppy” word in it.

My Amir ordered chicken kueteaw which cost rm9.90 per plate. Will see how bombastic it is.


Amir is waiting for his kueteow


Amir with his Milo Dinosaur. Cost: RM5


So, this is my “Sloopy Jane”. plus 2 slices of roti telur


Kueteow Amir


Spicy kueteow kata amir.


Menu @April24

Advantage for April24, since there’s no picture on the menu to depicts the food, maybe you can have different version of “Sloppy Jane”. For mine version of Sloopy Jane, I guess it beyond my expectation. Price at RM9,90 per plate, you will be served with a minced meat, fried potato, roti telur sekeping potong 2 and a half sausage. Nothing special about the menu I guess. Untuk orang yang tak reti masak macam aku, I guess I can just buy minced meat Ramly and all the stuff tu dan buat sendiri. Means there’s no specialty.

Environment at April24, I like. Sangat cossy.

The food. Erm. So-So. Maybe what I had tested is not their specialty. Takpe, next time boleh try monster burger. Not expecting too much from this café.


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