Why I decided to stop my Dropbox subscription?

My top 5 List:

  1. My perception of dropbox is totally wrong, I thought it is more like a backup service, but actually is more like syncing services. My laptop
    always crashed and I often reinstall my windows 7, thus to relink back my dropbox account and resync all the files would give me more than a week
    to complete the syncing.(Internet speed in Malaysia really BAGUS!)
  2. I realized that I’m only used only 10% of the total storage of 1T for the past 2 years. Maybe dropbox can add more flexible subsription
    package for just a mild user like me.(Sorry, I hate inviting people nor creating multiple id’s to gain more free storage)
  3. Using dropbox make myself even more unorganized, it is not a dropbox fault, its totally my fault, I dump all my files there, all my photo’s
    there, they scattered everywhere, but what’s dissapointed me is that, when I really need the file, it’s take hours to search for it.
  4. I thought I can download big files from dropbox but yet I have to use the dropbox desktop application. When it’s loading a list of folder and
    files to be selected to be sync, it’s takes bunch of my time, maybe my laptop is now 5 years old already, he’s to old to consume much.
  5. Ringgit Malaysia is weak as compared to US Dollars. 2 years ago, I paid almost RM300 for 12 month, but this year, I need to add extra hundreds
    ringgit. I need to be very selective since I also need to pay for my goddady domains and hosting, my apple’s membership, my IEEE’s membership
    and also my PMP’s membership.
  6. Last but not least, at first, I thought all the photos and files are important to me that I maybe need access to those photos/files anywhere,
    anytime(provided the network is OK-lah), but unfortunately I always forgot the file name or the photos that I’ve taken before.

Sorry dropbox, till we meet again soon.



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