Knowledge is power (if it is used :) )

Last week was my first PMP training at iTrain. This 5 days course has what it takes to become a good and effective project manager. But eventually i doubt wether it can be applied “effectively” while managing project here in Malaysia. ;p

I was late for the first day, mr arul already started the class with the first chapter which is the project organization matrix. You have to know what is a strong, weak, functional and balance matrix. The difference between project coordinator and project expeditor etc.

I also learn about scope management plan, how to handle a change request, the golden plating, scope screep etc. In order to choose the best project, there are several method that can be followed, one of them is economic model which includes npv, payback period, etc.

But the most chapter that i find it tough is cost management plan, there are lots of formula and need to do some calculation. I m weak at math, so thats it.

But i wish, i wish to pass the exam in first try.

Hope it worth my penny.

And im absolutely eager to implement my knowledge in real industry.

Who knows?

Wish me luck guys!

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