something wrong with my blog

my readers,

there something wrong with my blog, i recently realize that the “read more” button does not loading any contents if you click on it,thus when I was at seminar fesbuk power, i tried to troubleshoot this problems by installing/ uninstalling themes on my blog.

I though it was my theme who does not compatible with my wordpress version 3.4.1, (recently my wordpress version is 3.4.2), but after testing a few new templates, than I realized that is not about the template but it was the version of wordpress itself, I was thinking to revert it back to version 3.4 until they come out with the solution to fix some of the major errors, but I’m out of time…

So, readers, be patients,until I get back to a newly fresh version of my blog..

stay stune


one of my “must go” place ..Venice, Italy

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