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Really love the status made by prof muhaya on her facebook.

most people are not focused. thats why they are struggling and try too hard by themselves. many are unclear and do not know purpose n life

manusia bijak mencari solusi. manusia kurang bijak meminta org lain menyelesaikan masaalah mereka. hanya mereka yg ambil tindakan akan mencapai bukan hanya meminta nasihat dari org yg tak kenal kita pun. kalau tidak mencari ikmu bagaimana mengubah diri utk ubah kehidupan


Yaps, the keyword here is FOCUS, if you want something, then go for it, NO MORE EXCUSES, NO MORE BLAMMING OTHERS, and it’s all DEPENDS on YOU, not your what so called ‘best friend forever’ not even your MOTHER, and whether or not you are willing to TAKE the CHALLENGE and LET the EXPERTs MOULD you, only YOU can answer it!






and if you are WILLING to CHANGE your LIFE, don’t hesitate to call me NOW at 0192223454 and let me HELP YOU in appropriate way!



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