:: where to eat @ putrajaya

last couple of days, i had my lunch at nandos,alamanda putrajaya. i ordered 1/4 chicken (spicy peri2) plus 2 side dishes. as for drinK, i chose americana coffee..cheWah..

Last time i went to nandos is 5 years back, at midvalley. so i assumed the food’s standard will remain the same.

after a some time waiting, our food is served. “keciknya ayam”, i was thinking, “nih ayam remaja ker?” hahhahaha..then i looked at the salad, waa…besarnya kobis, nak kasik makan gajah ke sebesar alam kobis nyer cutting..hahhahahahhaa..tapi laPo nye pasal, bedaL je lah




after that, mmg tekak rasa gatal nak makan aiskerim, so we tried icecream, lupa lah nama dier, but it’s not basket n robin for sure…yang apple creamy tu best, elly ordered rasberyy, if i’m not mistaken, tapi mmg so rich dier nyer ice cream, design pn sangat cantik


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