:: Get INSTANT Body Shape like JLo!!


wOw! in her age of 40, she’s still look HOT, GOJES, and MARBELES, hOW’s she’s keep her body like that? Let’s figure it ouT ya..

JLo penah cakap

“After I had the babies, I wasn’t motivated at all. I did a triathlon, which was a goal I had set for myself before having them. I did it because I’d said I was going to do it and it was for charity.

After that, I stopped exercising totally for a while. I was tired, the babies were my life and I just wasn’t motivated. It took a lot of mental energy to get focused again.”


JLo really works “very hard” to get her body in shape. Dia sendiri aware apa yang dia makan and she’s admit that it is difficult to stay slim withOut effort

So, what is her routine regime?

1. Allocates 60-90 minutes for exercise (2 to 6 days a week)

2. Dancing

3. Yoga

4. Cardio Exercises

5. Weight training

itu JLo, yang ada insuran kat body part je juta2, tengok cara dier maintain body shape, kita pun boleh jugak, tapi dengan cara yang paling mudaH, tak makan masa, berbaloi, Haaa, pakai Premium Beautiful lah,bayangkan dalam sejam je leh bakar 900 kalori!!!!, 8 jam kalu pakai? haa..sambil pakai leh lagik buat benda lain yg boleh give benefits pada community kita, wat keje gotong royong bersih masjid ker, masak masak ker, x payaH spent masa bereJam2 bersauna Smile

Bukan tu je kita dapat, kalau kita pakai PB nih, kita dapat 2+1 benefits, dapat cantiK, dapat sihat sebab PB nih real, dier boleh PULIH, RAWAT, CEGAH, blh act as a DETECTER, if something wrong in our body system


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