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today, me and elly were assigned to conduct a lab test for the lecturer’s candidates. There were *** among them. some are very pleasent and some are not. i also don’t know lah what type of candidates la like this..hahahhahahaha..aku ingat aku yang plg ter frank tapi ada lagi yang lebih frank.thehehehhe..

then it’s Lunch time!!!… eee besnya, guess what?, k han ajak we ols gi Taste Restaurant at BBB, mmg teringIn sangat nak merasa, cuma tak berkesempatan. The Taste’s Restaurant is owned by K han frensZzz. Me ordered ala lupa lagi..lupa lupa lupa lagi, ape menatang tu eh..Colongnes? Colon? eh jangan Colon, nnt kena cancer colon laks, (ups lupa laks i pakai PB, leh prevent any cancer, Insyallahhhhh)

the place is very cossY, berlantai simen, berbumbung siling..hehhe,tergagau2 bila mat salleh serve, nasib k han n elly ades, if me, tak terkeluar la ayat..hahahhaha

thanKs k han for bringing us here, dapat 10% diskaUn lagi.. tapi me tak habeh makan..cepat sangat kenYang, tapi I solute mushroom dier, peKat, mmg diblend dari mushroom,  not like pizza nyer mushroom and the others yang penah i try la, sumer pakai mushroom can.

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