::Wacana Tentang Hala Tuju Mahasiswa KUIS 2011

This morning, we lectures, have to attend and discuss on how  we want to mould the KUIS’s student as we want it to be. Young, Talented,Taadib, Professional Muslim.

 The discussion is more less to give an opportunity to the lecturers to voice out their opinion and thoughts in handling the youth nowadays. Be the Y generation, personally I think that we have to be open-minded yet to say, berlapang dada, we must not compare them to be the same as our generations. The times moving so fast so as the development of the Malaysian’s youth.

 Me, personally think that the transitions to be ‘mua’lim’ is not in a fraction of seconds. It involves process. When it comes to process, it will takes time. The time taken is depends on how we can absorb and implement quickly. The sooner the better it will comes. It’s like throwing seeds. If the seeds is a bad seeds then the plant will not grow, but if the seeds is good, and very high quality seeds and of course the plant will grow tremendously, but sometimes we never know or guarantee that either it is the bad seed or the best seed will grow the best plant, but the points is throws as much as seeds u can.

 Overall the discussion gives us a lot of information, especially from T.Dekan. He aspires me to become what so called ‘mualim’ in mentaadibkan students.

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