:: saturday activities

today is saturday, eh of course la, nama tajuk entry kali ni. actually i woke up really late, around 10.30 am, bila dah woke up late tu, teramatlah dizzinya kepala hotak ini, maybe i’ve been too long on the bed. kalu sambung lagi tido, mau mimpi dean lagi (tobat).

i really really hate my room. i blame my room to cause me to woke up late. it’s damn dark. plus the aircond. wohOO. and if it is raining, waH, kul 2pm pun still like 5am in the morning. i wish i had a bright, cossy room. dear mr husband, can we renovate our bedroom please?

my ‘lil girl woke up. she smile sooo wide so as her elder brother. “good porning, good porning, porning” (tone to follow grandma ye). sekali toleh kat amirr……

alaaaaa, amir oh amir, baru malam tadi ummi gagahkan diri menyarung katil ini, kenapak ekau basahkan lagi?” arGHHH! being a mom is not just being a mom, being a mom means u’r a wonderwoman!

1238pm:hubby went out to take hasil rampasan from the gov.store, a white cabinet, hmm nasib cantik and enough space to put behind the tempat letak pinggan. plus, he just bought a slim samsung lcd for his computer..niCeeeee…jimat workspace aku..as for the old monitor? think like to derma je.

@my workplace: today appointment with my biz partner. before that have to prepared lunch for them.cleanup umah skit2,hang cloth skit2.

(awat english writing aku makin terukS nih?..arh, huduh sungguh)

@8.40pm: already at bussiness class right now. aa talking about bussiness, i received a letter from my company,yezza, still can’t believe in my own eyes, after

my first free trip to oversea

32 years of age, this is my chance to go out from malaysia!!!..thank Q thank Q, 3 month? dapat gi travel? jgnkan ko, aku sendiri tak caya, tapi believe it, ipad2, here i come….

wokeh wokeh..enough of that, continue with class ya

Slot 1: mdm teach us on how to calculate the right size of PB

Slot 2: x berapa nak best, but really impressed with the speaker. for only 2 month joined, dsm candidate for next month, waa,, chiyOOK! but overall the presetation as for me fail 🙁

Slot 3: Product sharing, ha this one really usefull, give a lot of testimonials. U can read here.

Slot 4: with CDM kFIza: really inspiring, funny and now she’s sharing her experiences in this bussiness.

Final Slot: Slot Milionaire CDM KAna. I like her quote  “Alasan mmg logik”, so deep…..

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