Day 1 Battle of the Challenge Consume Maharani

I was so intense to try out Maharani since I was told that Maharani can makes the skin look supple.

When I open up the big red box, there were 6 cute red box,

DSC07602 lovely red box DSC07603 Full View of Maharani
DSC07639 cute red box zooming DSC07641 ping pong size

At first I thought, wOw, takkanlah nak telan sebiji macam ni?, mau tercekik maut macam nih..

Then I discover on how to open the Maharani Pills


DSC07644 Bola ‘pingpong’ nih is made from candle to preserve its quality.
It has gold ‘cop’ at the center of the ball.
DSC07646 Then, squeeze the ball.
DSC07647 soon, you will find another ball inside it.
DSC07652 open the cover on top of the ball
DSC07653 then taraaaa..macam biji ma’jun


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