::How to calculate the right size of Premium Beautiful

For today class, I’ll gonna teach you on how to calculate the right size of premium beautiful.

Let say you have measure like this:

      1                Breast /Buah dada                          : 95 cm

      2                Under Breast / Bawah dada         : 87 cm

      3                Waist / Pinggang (hahah)           : 85 cm

      4               Hips/ Punggung : 100 cm


Step 1: Calculate the cup size of the bra

—-> Formula: no. 1 – no.2

then u’ll have (95cm-87cm) =18 cm, thus the formula for determining the cup as follows:

A    <10

B    10-12

C    13-14

D    14-16

E    16-17

F    >17

haaa, so in our case it’s 18, then the suitable cup size is F, woW (waa saiz mat salleh belanda), so katalah kalau dah wat calculation beza dia 14, means that dier leh pakai antara 2 cup, cth kalau dier falls under 14, maknanya dier blg cup C or cup D tengok pada keselesaan/ kesesuaian, sama jugak kalau falls under 16, boleh jadi dier pakai cup D or E

Step 2: Calculate the bra size

take measure no.2 e.g 87cm but the bra size takde kan for 87cm, thus we take size 90 tau

Step 3: Calculate the size for long girdle

take measure no.3, but if no.4 minus no.3 is greater or same 22cm then take 1@2 size bigger than no.3

Step 4: Waist Naiper

take 1 saiz smaller than long girdle

easy kan?


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