:: What is the role of Project Manager in IT Industry?

Hmm, I really don’t want to talk about this matter since it’s very common topic that even ordinary people already knew about it. But since I already jump into another
company in which I realized that there’s a lot of unexpected hole while handling a medium-size project (for me is not worth at all!).

So, here I listed out the very basic role for project manager.


These 3 activities are the very basic and compulsory activities in order to fulfill the identified objectives, talking about the identified objectives, the PM should have a very
clear view of what’s the scope, limit, constraint about the project he/she’s going handle.

Sometimes, most of the project manager in Malaysia tend to follows all the client’s
need without having a proper documentation like if the client’s want to change anything that’s already confirm, the project manager should send the client a proper document
such as “Change Request Form” which include all the cost that should be borned by the client.

Project Manager should also have a very good knowledge in techical, theorical and managerial skill to satisfy the project requirement. and please don’t depends to much on
your team leader! He/She must have the abilities to coordinates and intergrates team and individual efforts so that a professional team can be build..

Last but not least, here is a checklist I gained from a book I bought “IT Project Management” written by “Kathy Schwalbe”

Are you need what it’s takes to become a project manager?

Answer this and find out whether you can!

1. Can you define scope of project?
2. Can you identify the stakeholder, decision-makers, and escalation procedures?
3.Can you estimate time requirements?
4.Can you develop the detailed task list (WBS structure)?
5. Can you develop the initial project management flowchart?
6. Can you identified the requirement of resources and budgets?
7. Can you evaluate the project requirements?
8. Can you identified and evaluate the risks?
9. Can you prepared the contigency plan?
10.Can you identified interdependencies?
11. Can you identified and track the critical milestones?
12.Can you participate in project phase review?
13.Can you secure the needed resources?
14.Can you manage the change control process?
15.Can you report the project status?

.. have a nice day ahead!

ps:amacam bos..bole jawap ka?


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