Besides Sate Hj Samuri at Kajang, there are lots of places you can eat at Kajang. One of them is “Station Kopitiam” located at MetroPoint near the Hospital Kajang, which being Kajang’s new landmark…

I’d the opportunity to eat there since I’m a food lover and I like to try new places to eat. Not bad la, the place is very comfortable, convenient, and very privacy. Sitting there like i was sitting in the first class express train. And here is what i ate

nasi petai udang @ (+-) RM 6.00

tomyam seafood (+-) RM 6.00

mocca tiramisu (+-) RM 6.00

The food is good, the serving is fast..but only one thing that I regret…the waiter! aaa please la..put some deodorant la…..smelly la..I’m bit of losing my appetite but I was so hungry I telan je la..and why the management have to hire bangla as the waiter a..I don;t mind he/she bangla or what so ever, but make sure the waiter/ waitress can speak and understand Englishla..baru boleh amik order..isk isk isK


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